Welcome to nantong ground level ground engineering co., LTD. Website isle,We are ground level ground engineering design、The construction、Adornment of coating of material sales and after-sales service for the integration of the enterprise

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Anti-static floor solution

Anti-static floor shop mainly targeted some places,Demanding environment in the workshop environment,Precision instrument workshop,Electronic workshop of static electricity demand is high,Generally want to achieve10-5-8To the power。

Choose a state ground level ground engineering

These concerns all can be solved

Advice immediatelyConsulting a state immediately

A state15In floor paint research and development、Production to the construction of high quality and low price High cost performance

Show floor material independent research and development and production,From the manufacturer to the customer's express service,No intermediate links
Using imported equipment,Proprietary technology, construction service,Cost savings for you20%

However professional construction team,Complete after-sales system

However professional construction team,In major cities throughout the country,From the field survey to the whole construction,More than1000Thousands of square meters of construction area,Many well-known domestic enterprises service,Quality assurance
One-stop service,No subcontract the subcontract!

A state has its own factory,Professional design team,Floor material options

Show floor floor construction15Years,Field investigation to provide you with the most professional service team、The most appropriate construction scheme。

Cooperation with international famous brand raw materials business

Liberal international famous brand raw materials,To ensure that every inch of floor quality,
Extending the service life of the floor20%

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About the show

About the show

Nantong show floor engineering co., LTDIs one specialized is engaged in the ground level ground engineering design、The construction、Adornment of coating of material sales and after-sales service for the integration of the enterprise。The company has large floor project construction experience for many years,Many famous domestic companies、Institutions are partnerships with companies established long-term ground level ground engineering construction,The company has related qualification certificates,Floor industry is highly competitive floor construction and the development potential of one of the enterprises。

    The company has a group of rigorous and professional management team and construction team,On the floor in the industry take the lead in put forward“To do a project,A model tree”Concept,Original creation“The essence of the front-end,Strong background,Strict construction,Secure them”The management mode,Insist on a year to carry out the engineering quality and safety production and special projects of self-check activities,In the strict arrangement and earnestly implement the quality management,Put an end to all the safety problems of construction,To protect customer property and engineering quality and safety。Construction technicians experienced、Skilled,Environmental protection material unified distribution by the company。Under the strict management and standard of the company,Completely solve the customer ensuring construction quality and after-sales service of the trouble back at home...

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