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Focus on research and developmentThe export cases and fumigation wooden casesBuild global wood packaging intelligence services

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  • 30positio

    Research and development personnel in wooden cases

  • 37Years

    Packed in wooden cases

  • 50Taiwan

    The wooden case production equipment

  • 25000m2

    Factory covers an area of the scale

Products sell like hot cakes

Professional wooden boxesProfessional Wooden Packaging Box

  • Safe and reliable,Strong and durable
  • The wooden case to bear ability is quite good
  • A clean and tidy appearance,Economic and practical
  • Has its own factory,Mechanical automation production
Products sell like hot cakes

The robot external welding torchRobot external welding torch

  • Safe and reliable,Strong and durable
  • The wooden case to bear ability is quite good
  • A clean and tidy appearance,Economic and practical
  • Has its own factory,Mechanical automation production
Products sell like hot cakes

Robot empty cold welding torchRobot air-cooled welding torch

  • Safe and reliable,Strong and durable
  • The wooden case to bear ability is quite good
  • A clean and tidy appearance,Economic and practical
  • Has its own factory,Mechanical automation production
Riding is thriving export cases

The export cases  China's priceImport quality Chinese price

Welding torchBeneficial to export cases:Free fumigation、Export wooden box packaging sales

For each enterprise's logistics、Warehousing、Provide fumigation-free packing equipment、Export cases solution heat treatment。

Welding torchAll kinds of wooden packaging conform to the requirements of the China outbound:Has passedIPPCQuarantine standard qualification

Export cases must be after the national inspection and quarantine institutions authentication of wooden case packing,Entry no wooden packagingippcDo not conform to the requirements of the exit。

Welding torchPacked in wooden casesCQCCertification:Ensure the quality of wooden products

Through the China certification center(CQC)ISO9001Quality management system certification,To improve the quality of products。

Welding torchHas its own factory、Mechanized production:Ensure customer delivery time。

All the boxes are all has its own factory production,In the product quality,The response time,The guarantee of delivery speed。

Beneficial to export casesProduct advantageAdvice immediately
Provide the cases packing measurements,Design,OfferNon-standard custom

Provide measurement, design and quotation for wooden box packaging Non-standard customization.

Advice immediatelyThe national hotline:0519-88555555

Riding wood industry cooperation customers

  • KyleKyle
  • Qianjiang robotQianjiang robot
  • KawasakiKawasaki
  • PanasonicPanasonic
  • YaskawaYaskawa
  • KuKaKuKa

Beneficial to wood industry · Focus on export cases and fumigation wooden cases development and smartFocus on robot welding torch R & D and intelligent manufacturing

Innovative research and development
Innovative research and developmentInnovative research and developmentInnovative research

Their own30More than one wooden case research and development team,Packed in wooden casesCQCCertification:Ensure the quality of wooden products;Riding37Years of manufacturing experience in wooden cases,Is the domestic earlier in export cases,Fumigation wooden packaging enterprises。

Advice immediately
Production quality control
Production quality controlProduction quality controlInnovative research

Large-scale production workshop25000Square meters,Export capacity of wooden cases15000 pcs /Month、Fumigation wooden cases18000 pcs /Month;Strictly implementedISO9001:2015Quality management system,From the raw material control production process,Make sure the cases quality。

Advice immediately
Non-standard custom
Non-standard customNon-standard customInnovative research

Design according to the built-in objects outside the weight and size、Make a economic and reliable large wooden case;A large wooden case ,Base carton strength reinforced,Bearing,Lifting equipment outside the box,Carries weight20Tons of the following。

Advice immediately
Technical support
Technical supportTechnical supportInnovative research

The technical team,Support new product research and development to provide assistance to clients,And remote online instruction;To set up the instant response after-sales service mechanism,The user's feedback problem,We would be able to2Rapid response within hours。

Advice immediately
  • Innovative research and developmentInnovative research and developmentinnovation research
  • Production quality controlProduction quality controlProduction control
  • Non-standard customNon-standard customstandard customization
  • Technical supportTechnical supportTechnical support

Service process

Analysis of demand
Initial offer
Confirm the quotation
Date of payment, etc
Final offer
Sign the contract
Confirm the drawings
Factory to produce
Product delivery
Start the service
Demand for communication

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Based on the analysis of development trend of the international wooden packing machinery,In some areas in our country at present the wooden box packaging machinery level and foreign than there are quite a gap,Mainly should be development of high precision、A high degree of automation equipment,To improve product technology content,Pay attention to......

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Traditional Chinese medicine fumigation therapy in wooden cases

Traditional Chinese medicine fumigation wooden cases treatment is steam fumigation wooden cases with decoction of Chinese herbal medicine to produce medicine to cure or fitness of a human body method。 It does this by medicine steam warm stimulation to the skin temperature,The skin blood capillary expansion,Improve blood and lymph circulation,Promote metabolism,To improve the nutrition from the surrounding tissue,The same......

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The export cases the use of the product characteristics

Export cases transit impact process,The inside of the protection of export cases products from the impact deformation,Therefore require export cases of materialOSBPlate、Plywood binding to shape,OSBPlate、Plywood treated with high temperature and high pressure,Meet the national export cases testing standards,Can be exported directly,Help customers to win......

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What material export cases in general

Place a light cotton、Polyester、Spun silk fabrics,Unfavorable with camphorwood、Pine(Will cause yellowing fabric color),And appropriate USES meander belt、Ash、Chinese fir、Wutong wood(But wutong wood structure of thicker material)、Elm(But heavy inconvenience affirmative)、Birch, etc; Place the wool clothing,Appropriate USES camphorwood、Nanmu......

112019 / 07
Packaging fumigation wooden cases to pay special attention to three points

Pay special attention to some details when packaging fumigation wooden cases,Experience tells us that detail decides success or failure。So what we need to pay attention to details?The first corner holes should not be the big corner holes is too big,Reduces fumigation-free packing waterproof moisture resistant function。In particular, some export cases,Most of the needs in the sea......

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Large equipment rustproof packaging machine packaging

Changzhou beneficial to wood industry,Is one specialized is engaged in the large machine tool boxes of intelligent packaging services company,The company has a professional large packing machine tool service team,Engaged in large-scale machine tool boxes more than 20 years,Company has the first-class products with exquisite technology,Quality guaranteed,And provide one-station service for you......

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How to prevent the wooden packaging mold?

1、Fumigation:This method is mainly for export large insecticidal packaging,And the period of validity is short。Its control effect is not big on mold。  2、Heat treatment:To have certain facilities,And high processing cost,Can reduce the lumber moisture content,But does not solve the fundamental asked......

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